Our story is the sum part of our experiences and our unique family history.

A Doorstep In Industrial England
The World Organic story stretches back six generations and nearly 150 years, to Preston, which at that time was a small, working-class town located in the north of England. There, Gertrude Anderson began to ply her trade, dispensing herbs and natural remedies to the people of Preston, who regularly gathered at her doorstep.

Six Generations of Knowledge
Gertrude's doorstep shop was the beginning of a family business that has not only traversed three centuries, but also the globe. Since then, Gertrude's ancestors have passed on their knowledge, handing down a treasure trove of information about medicinal herbs and the nutritive, purifying properties of mother nature.

World Organic's Founder, Megan Douglas
The heir to her family history and their accumulated knowledge, Megan Douglas is the founder of World Organic. From an early age, Megan was interested in natural health, learning to make remedies at the back of her grandmother Jennie's health food shop in New Zealand. She also worked during school holidays at what was then her family's health supplies business, Red Seal, helping out in the manufacturing lab. Later, after a successful career in London as a model and fashion designer, Megan renewed her interest in natural health and wellbeing, traveling to India where she learnt much about Ayurvedic beliefs and medical practice. She then returned to New Zealand, where she supplemented the knowledge gained in India by completing a degree in Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy.

World Organic's Philosophy
Four years in development, World Organic is very much a sum of Megan's life; her family history, her childhood experiences, her travels in India, and her degree. In gathering these things together, Megan has sought to marry the accumulated wisdom of generations with modern scientific techniques, ensuring that the entire World Organic range supports our core philosophy of providing ethically produced, high quality, organic products that benefit everyone, body and soul!

World Organic in Malaysia
Malaysian born Gaia Chinniah was introduced to this range while working as the Marketing Executive for one of New Zealand's largest Direct Response companies. It was while listening to the story behind World Organic and recognising that these products were of such a high calibre that she decided to quit her job, form her own company and set to work to launch and market the skin care line full time in Australasia. World Organic was the reason she decided to start her own marketing business. Now that World Organic is a household name in New Zealand and Australia it seemed only natural to want to bring the brand to Malaysia for Malaysians to experience the true meaning of organic skin care with results!