Our Philosophy

Farmacy Not Pharmacy

Our products are derived from the Earth, not a laboratory. And they are organic. That means that you don’t need to worry about harmful synthetic chemicals or pesticides of any kind. Instead, you get to experience the pure, potent goodness of wholly natural ingredients. Our products not only smell divine and interact sympathetically with your skin, they carry therapeutic benefits as well.

Holistic Beauty

There is much more to beauty than the way we look. Beauty is also a state of mind and an expression of our wellbeing. It is about the way we live our lives. We choose to live a holistic lifestyle – built on living in harmony with nature, whilst celebrating what is good for us, our community and the planet. Our products form a part of this. They are our connection to you and the foundation for a new way of expressing what it means to be beautiful.

Cultivating Relationships

Good relationships are a vital part of our business. They make us stronger. This is especially true of our partnership with Indian Community farms. These organic farms have made an extraordinary difference to Indian agriculture, resurrecting land that has been blighted by the overuse of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. The organic ingredients they produce are of extraordinary quality and we are happy to pay 15% above market price to get them, thereby helping the communities around the farms grow stronger and cementing the wonderful friendships we have made.

Green Shoots

We need to look after our planet every bit as much as we need to look after each other and ourselves. Many of our farms are biodynamic and all of them use only natural fertilizers. We use recyclable plastics, aluminum tubes and glass bottles across our range, as well as FSC card. Components of our major manufacturing plant are also solar powered.