Our Roots

A Doorstep Dispensary

Our story begins on a doorstep. 150 years ago, in the small, working class town of Preston, located in the north of England, Gertrude Anderton began to dispense healing herbs and natural remedies to the townsfolk who regularly gathered on her doorstep. Little did Gertrude know she was establishing a legacy that would not only stretch across generations, but around the world.

Generational Knowledge

A business which began on a doorstep has evolved over 150 years to provide the foundation for World Organics today. Gertrude’s knowledge of herbal natural remedies has been handed down through 5 generations of herbalists and naturopaths, beginning with Gertrude’s son, William Anderton. In the early 20th century, William emigrated to New Zealand, where he established a natural health care business that flourished for three generations. Today, World Organics is a family owned business that takes its holistic philosophy from its long naturopathic heritage.

Our Founder

An heir to her family history and their accumulated knowledge, Megan Douglas is the founder of World Organics. Interested in natural health since learning to make remedies at the back of her grandmother Jennie’s health food shop, Megan is a qualified Herbal Practitioner and Naturopath who passionately believes that a natural, holistic lifestyle can change our lives for the better. Established in 2011, World Organics is very much an expression – and manifestation – of her beliefs.