River Veda is a luxury rejuvenation and regeneration organic spa and skincare line inspired by ancient Ayurvedic practices. It has been designed to nourish the skin and uplift the emotions, drawing its inspiration from Mother Nature’s bounty and fusing the wisdom of the East with the wonders of modern, supercritical extraction technology.

Formulated with wellbeing at its heart, River Veda is for anyone who cares about their skin and feeling nourished. Not only is the range packed full of therapeutic supercritical extracts, it is inspired by Ayurveda and a knowledge of nature that has been gathered across centuries. An essential element of Ayurveda is its respect for the Earth and the intelligence of plants, herbs, seeds and flowers, with everything required to integrate and balance mind, body and spirit found in the natural world. It is upon this very philosophy that River Veda has been created. The range is not only high quality but therapeutic, reflecting our belief that beauty products should not only help you look good, they should be good for you and the world around you.