river veda - everyday

80ml / 2.7 oz
A purifying and toning face wash, ideal for cleansing the face of makeup and impurities while balancing out excess oils.
Made with 74% Organic Ingredients
50ml / 1.70 oz
A creamy, nourishing bamboo exfoliant that refines pores and leaves the skin radiant.
Made with 76.55% Organic Ingredients
100ml / 3.4 oz
A mild and creamy face milk designed to gently cleanse and balance all skin types without stripping away the natural oils or creating irritations.
Made with 86.4% Organic Ingredients
60ml / 2.0 oz
New enhanced formulation. A luxurious and rich facial moisturizer formulated to protect your skin by day and stimulate the natural process of replenishment and renewal by night.
Made with 77.18% Organic Ingredients
100ml / 3.4 oz
A refreshing treat for the skin which helps to reduce impurities at the same time as it invigorates and tones.
Made with 98.12% Organic Ingredients
60ml / 2.0 oz
A refreshing and exotic light to medium weight moisturizer formulated to minimize pores and promote even skin tone.
Made with 80.05% Organic Ingredients
3 products
An aromatic and oil balancing combination of an organic Amla infused face wash, toner and a Honeysuckle moisturizer.
4 products
Four must have products designed to cleanse, buff, tone and hydrate the skin.
5 Sample Tubes
Designed to nourish and pamper your skin, our Everyday Experience Set offers all the goodness and benefits of a balanced, daily skincare regime.