river veda - replenish

60ml / 2.0 oz
A luxurious Rose Attar face moisturizer blended to promote replenishment and encourage luminosity in the appearance of the skin.
Made with 81.3% Organic Ingredients
50ml / 1.7 oz
Helps to refine and smooth complexions, leaving the skin looking soft and radiant.
Made with 80.84% Organic Ingredients
15ml / 0.5 oz
A rich, anti-aging eye cream designed to decrease puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, as well as minimize fine lines.
Made with 78.62% Organic Ingredients
30ml / 1.0 oz
A delightful, replenishing liquid face oil, formulated to penetrate the skin and help reduce the signs of aging.
Made with 78.08% Organic Ingredients
100ml / 3.4 oz
Made with pure, certified organic rose hydrosols, this is a gentle and hydrating toner that helps restore moisture and improve skin texture and tone.
Made with 96.22% Organic Ingredients
35ml / 1.2 oz
A gorgeous organic serum rich in supercritical extracts, designed to revitalize and tone tired skin.
Made with 90.95% Organic Ingredients
4 products
A luxurious anti-aging skincare package, designed to protect and nourish the face.
5 Sample Tubes
A luxurious face-care experience for those looking for ageless skin, this set of five products helps to revitalize skin, soften fine lines, and leave a healthy, dewy complexion.